New Shower Doors By Eurocare !!!

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New Shower Doors By Eurocare !!!

Monday, February 28th, 2011
One of the UK’s leading providers of accessible showering solutions, Eurocare Showers, have launched a brand new addition to their door range, which will provide even greater freedom and flexibility for specifiers and installers alike.

Currently each Eurocare order is manufactured to individual customer specifications, however, occasionally it is not always possible to know the exact size required until installation has begun.

Explains Joanna Talbot, sales and marketing manager for Eurocare Showers: “As part of our ongoing research, we wanted to offer customers even greater choice and flexibility by creating a standard range of doors that offer the same versatility as our bespoke range.

“Following research discussions, our development team has created a compensator offering a 105mm compensation.

“Currently, each compensator offers a compensation of plus or minus 15mm, which is a rough guide to the industry standard. This subsequently allows little room for measuring errors. Others have tackled this by simply extending the compensators, but we were looking for a solution that was both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

“The result is a brand new compensator which has a series of carefully calculated extension stages, into which the doors fit for effortless installation.”

Concludes Joanna: “This new innovation means specifiers and installers now have the freedom to stock, order or fit standard product offerings, without worrying about inaccurate measurements or compromising on the versatility they have come to expect from Eurocare.”

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New plans for social services in Wales !

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Radical new plans to put social services in Wales on a sustainable footing have been announced by the Deputy Minister for Social Services, Gwenda Thomas.

Around 150,000 people receive some form of social care in Wales every year and more will become dependent on such services, or have a relative that relies on them.

The plans include introducing portable assessments so that if a person moves location they do not have to have their needs reassessed and establishing a national outline contract for care homes to improve consistency of services.

Gwenda Thomas said: “This is a visionary statement on the future of our social services for the next decade. We have used this opportunity to think carefully about the small number of big changes that we need to focus on to make a positive impact and renew social services in Wales.”

The key to achieving the Assembly Governments vision will be to ensure that services are centred around the citizen. Users and their carers will have a much stronger voice and greater control over services. Services will be built around people – not around organisations.

Mrs Thomas added: “Social services must become sustainable but sustainability means much more than funding. It will require more fundamental changes than simply becoming smarter at what we already do. We need to focus on what is really important and ensure that we are all working to the same ends by securing more efficient and effective ways to deliver services through greater collaboration and integration. This paper gives us the means to do that.”

A National Social Services Partnership Forum will be established to drive the changes.

Other commitments include better integrating services by rolling out Integrated Family Support Teams and re-ablement services across Wales; and changing the approach to target setting and the type of guidance issued, with providers and commissioners of services becoming accountable for quality and safety to allow for a better focused and streamlined regulation and inspection.

New Toilet Seat Aid From Days Healthcare !

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
An extremely comfortable Toilet Seat and Frame with side handles for support and safety. The front and rear of this seat are shaped for easy personal cleaning.
  • Eliminates germs breeding
  • Reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Reduces risk of injury from sharp edges
  • Features cut outs at the front and rear for easy cleaning access.
  • Simple to use as it clicks into position on the frame and rotates when required.
  • Maximum User Weight….190kg(30 st)
  • Seat Width….45cm(17.5″)
  • Seat Depth….38.5cm(15.25″)
  • Width between arms….50cm(19.75″)
  • Seat Height….46cm(18.75″)- 61cm(24″)
  • Overall Width….56cm(22″)
  • Overall Depth….48cm(18.75″)
  • Overall Height….68cm(28.75)- 83cm(32.5″)

Available From One Stop  Bathrooms for £70.38 excluding VAT !

New EasyBar Suction Grab Rail from Homecraft !!!!

Thursday, February 10th, 2011
The EasyBar suction grab rail offers a sturdy and safe support to the user without having to screw the product to the wall. It benefits from safety lock indicators that display green when secure and red when the rail is not secured.
It is designed for use only on smooth and non-porous surfaces such as tiles, glass, porcelain or fibreglass. Ideal for assisting the user when standing and suitable for temporary or permanent use. No fixings are required making it very convenient when away or travelling.
These suction rails are available from One Stop Bathrooms !!!

New Bathlift By Homecraft !!!

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011
Difficulties getting into and out of the bath are quickly and easily overcome when using the Bathmaster Deltis from Homecraft.

Simple to take in and out of the bath, it separates into two parts for easier lifting and carrying. High quality materials and construction offer the utmost in safety and comfort with no servicing required.

  • One of the lightest reclining bath lifts available
  • Compact frame fits virtually all bath tubs
  • Supportive, reclining backrest offers ultimate relaxation
  • Bespoke, service free motor gives long term durability
  • Latest battery technology ensures high performance
  • Three year guarantee gives peace of mind

Mind Controlled Wheelchairs !!!

Monday, February 7th, 2011

The University of Technology Sydney, Australia is developing a wheelchair that can be controlled using brain! The technology it uses is smaller than a matchbox, and it works by identifying and classifying the user’s brain signals which are translated into commands to control the wheelchair, which is assisted by robotics and computers.

Currently, the team is working with Australian company UniQuest to find a way to bring the technology to the market. According to UTS, this may be reality in three years.

“Control of the wheelchair is based on a set of metaphors — something to associate with an action. For example, if a user wants to move left, they could think about composing a letter and writing ‘Dear John’. The chair responds with its associated action and turns left. To go right, you could answer an arithmetic equation in your head. To stop, the user can simply close their eyes,” said a spokesperson for the university.

Disabled honour student receives wheelchair!!!

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

The ISSA Trust Foundation and Couples Resorts recently joined with the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation and FedEx Corporate Contributions to bring joy to a disabled Jamaican honour student by donating a new wheelchair to her.

Fourteen-year-old Yanique Mendez, who was involved in a motor vehicle crash in 2008 that left her paralysed from the waist down, and who was honoured by her school last year for outstanding academic performance, was presented with the equipment at Couples Resorts’ annual Ocho Rios Charity Golf Tournament at Sandals Golf and Country Club in Upton, St Ann.

“I am so happy that we are working with the Issa Trust Foundation and are able to help Yanique,” said Roloff in a release.

Roloff, a celebrated author and star of TLC’s hit show Little People Big World, continued: “She has definitely outgrown her broken-down wheelchair and FedEx, who is donating the transportation, has been truly amazing in showing that they care about communities in the US and abroad.”

Roloff challenged the wider community to “get involved and give a little help for a big world”.

Meanwhile, Lisa T. Daniels, senior communications specialist of FedEx, said “FedEx absolutely, positively cares about our global community. We use our resources to help thousands of organisations throughout the world. Our aircraft and vehicles deliver tons of aid to disaster sites. We are pleased to donate transportation at the request of the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation for the Issa Trust Foundation.”

For her part, president and chief executive officer of Issa Trust Foundation, Diane Pollard, said the foundation knows “it is important to help children achieve their potential through medical care, education, nutrition and love”.

She continued: “Most importantly, by donating the wheelchair we know that we are providing a child the opportunity to experience fun, confidence, self-worth, competition, social interaction and health benefits that all come from getting the chance to be able to do what other children are able to accomplish.”

The accident, on the first day of school in September 2008, kept Yanique out of the classroom until May 2010, most of her time being spent in rehab. She missed out on grade seven entirely.

And despite spending only one term in high school out of a possible six, Yanique managed to pass four subjects with grades above 80 per cent during the end-of-year examination in July 2010. She placed 11th in her class and was among the group of students honoured during back-to-school orientation last August.

In an August 2010 Gleaner story that first brought the teen’s position to public light, Yanique was quoted as saying she wants to become a lawyer.

She was accompanied by her mother, Stacy-Ann Robinson, and nurse at Couples Tower Isle, Suzette Powell-Martin, at the handover ceremony. Both mother and daughter expressed gratitude for the gift.

Taxi Driver Fined For Helping Disabled Customer !

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

A taxi driver wants council officials to rethink parking rules which landed him with a ticket for helping a disabled customer into his cab.

Kenneth Winfield, whose cab is adapted to take disabled passengers, was angry and upset to get a ticket while collecting a passenger in a wheelchair for her weekly shopping trip.

And he thinks changes should be made so drivers in Liverpool, collecting elderly or disabled customers can help them without risking a ticket.

Mr Winfield, from Kensington, said it was not the first time he had been caught out.

“On this occasion, I was collecting one of the customers I drop into town with her carer every Friday. I then collect them later on in the afternoon with her weekly shop from Sainsbury’s.

“They call and I have to pop into the shop to tell them where I am, since I never know where I can park near there.

“I left the cab in a loading bay outside Jacks for seven minutes and when I came back, I had a ticket. The attendant must have seen me and if he had said something, I could have told him what I was doing.

“I can’t use a disabled badge so the only alternative is to say I won’t pick up people other than at a rank.

“But if I did that, would I still be carrying out the mandate I have from the council as a taxi driver, which is to give every customer the right to be collected from where they are ?”

Mr Winfield said on an earlier occasion he got out of his taxi in Eaton Road to help an elderly passenger across the road to meet her daughter – only to be given a ticket.

He wrote to the council asking it to cancel the most recent ticket, but the council said it would not do so.

Richard Walker, parking services manager, suggested Mr Winfield should write again, since he still had time to lodge a formal appeal.

He added: “It sounds as if he was just unfortunate.

“We would normally observe a vehicle for at least five minutes before issuing a ticket.

“I have every sympathy with what he is saying, but the loading bay is literally just for that.”