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New Walk In Bath

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

A lot more people can benefit thanks to a new, low-level access bath. The bath boasts a threshold of just 45mm (1.8 inches), making it the lowest walk-in bath currently on the market.
People still prefer to have a bath instead of shower, and level access bathing is the ideal way to achieve this. And whilst it may not be entirely possible to achieve total level access with a walk in bath, this bath brings us a step closer and will make bathing accessible to a lot more people who would otherwise have to choose a shower.
The modern designed frame, can be installed directly onto the joists to achieve its 45mm threshold but, even in applications where people don’t want to go to the disruption of removing floorboards, the bath can be surface mounted and still achieve a threshold of 70mm (2.75 inches).

Having to wait for the bath to empty can affect the enjoyment of bathing, the new walk in bath has a turbo waste to ensure it empties quickly and the specially moulded recess in the bath wall that enables the door to open fully to 90 degrees, making it even easier to get in and out.”
The integral seat allows for upright bathing without compromising on a deep soak, and there are no hazardous catches or operating devices for a safer bathing experience. Clip-on panels allow for easy installation and remedial work, and the panels are supplied to size so there’s no need for trimming or alterations.
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Thermostatic mixing valves can prevent hot water tragedies

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

There has been a legal requirement in England and Wales (Scotland since 2006) since 2010 to control bathing/showering outlet temperatures in houses/flats to 48⁰ this is what the British Burns Association recommends bathing temperatures should be set at .

There has been many tragic accidental death s after climbing into a hot baths and serious burn injuries when having shower. The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) are urging plumbing and heating professionals to help educate consumers about the dangers of hot water.

By educating the public and encouraging the use of TMVs we can help guard against future tragedies and helping prevent similar accidents by encouraging people to raise awareness amongst controlling water temperature.

Plumbing and heating professionals like us, who work in households with elderly or disabled people, recommend to the main care-giver about safe bathing temperatures and how a thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) can help. TMVs can limit the water temperature to the desired temperature so there’s no need for a separate thermometer and no need to worry.

Jubilee Walk in Bath Offer

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

One Stop Mobility have a great offers on the Jubilee walk in bath this month.

The Jubilee walk-in bath provides the ideal solution to your bathing requirements. Stylish and practical, the tasteful design offers simplicity and ease of use. The same size as a conventional bath, the Jubilee will fit discreetly into your home with the minimum of disruption.

With a low threshold for easy entry and a wide inward opening door, the bath is easily accessible and features a carefully designed seat contoured for your comfort and relaxation. For additional safety, the bath has a slip-resistant base, watertight door and boasts no hazardous catches or operating devices.


Available in right or left hand entry

  • Comes with an integral front panel as standard
  • Additional end panels available
  • Turbo waste as standard for improved emptying time (70l/min)
  • Pop up or chain waste available upon request (45l/min)
  • Range of hydrotherapy options
  • Choice of tap positions
  • Colour option available
  • Range of stylish bath screens to suit 1685mm (l) x 750mm (w)

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Tips for Safe Bathing

Thursday, June 9th, 2011