How Does a Walk In Bath Work?

The walk in bath is a hybrid of a shower cabinet and a small bath with a built in seat. You enter by a low door at the front which closes tightly to create a deep but upright bathing space.  The doors on these kinds of baths are built with sealant; once the door is locked the water cannot flow out of its sides. Installing a walk in bath can greatly improve your independence within your own home, by allowing you to safely enter and exit the bath without the need for assistance. You simply open the door on the side or front of the bath step in and close the door. Modern walk in baths are easy to operate and easy to install. There is a wide range of models and sizes to suit most bathrooms and users requirement

Features Of A Walk In Bath

Modern walk in baths can come with many features helping to improve the users bathing experience. Most of the features will come as standard, others can be requested by to suit each persons individual needs. Such features include:

  • Quick fill– Because the user is seated in the bath whilst it fills with water, it is important that the time the bath takes to fill is as short as possible. Most walk in baths are fitted with a quick fill system as standard.
  • Quick Drainage – Again as the user is seated in the bath whilst the water drains quick drainage is important to allow the user to exit as quick as possible.
  • Safety Seating – Walk in baths are fitted with a seat to make entering and exiting the bath easier.
  • Thermostatic Mixer Taps-Due to the fact that when the bath fills that the user is seated in the bath it is vital that the water is at a comfortable and safe temperature. A thermostatic mixer tap will regulate the water to ensure the water is at the correct temperature.

Bath Doors

One of the most important factors to consider before choosing you walk in bath is whether you want inward opening doors or outward opening doors on the bath. Some important points to consider about the bath doors are:

Opening and Closing the Door

To open and close the outward door you have to reach out and open from the outside of the bath, which can sometimes be accidentally opened whilst the walk in bath is being used. With the inward door you open from inside the bath which is much easier whilst in the sitting position. Also there is no obstruction from the inward door if left open. The inward opening door can not be opened whilst the bath is in use as the water presure stops it from opening.

Space To Open The Door

When choosing an outward opening door you have to take into consideration where other things in the bathroom are positioned, to make sure there is no obstruction stopping the outward opening door to be used. This is not an issue with the inward opening door as it opens into the actual bath tub.

Watertight Seal surrounding the Door

The inward door has a watertight seal which should prevent any leaks whilst in the bath as the water pressure holds the door shut.

What our Customers said about our Walk In Baths

“My new walk in bath has given me a new freedom of independence, I can now enter the bath much easier. Having my new walk in bath has removed a huge stress, and now i can look forward to getting a bath without the hassle of getting in and out.”

Mrs Chaple, Southport, Merseyside

After being recommended One Stop Mobility to supply and fit me with a new Walk in Bath, I gave them a call, they gave me the a great price, it was fitted in a day!”

Mr Hutley, Whiston, Liverpool